Hi!Kevin Chen is here. As you see, this is my blog, In the rest of my Internet time, I’ll share some about my learning and mental journey in here and take much more time to improve ,expend this blog meticulously.

Ⅰ: About this guy

  1. a collage student from China yet now
  2. like programming, root my Android devices, experience different equipment economy
  3. is moving towards computer post-graduate, strive to climb to a higher level

Ⅱ: Why I came here

Since 2020, which is the first time I came to a normal high school, I have developed little interest in computer. Although I was admitted to this school’s recommendation, I couldn’t irrigate too much time and energy on it cos some reasons we all know. After entering collage, finally a lot of time is empty for me to find what I truly loved and things needs to seek. That’s why I decided to dig deeper into magic code world.

Ⅲ: What kind of person am I

In my principle ,also standard for myself

I talk to whom know me

I smile to whom also smile to me

I keep my distance to whom are hypocrite

I give everything and bear suffer to whom is sincere to me.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but behind thee.

Ⅳ: The end

In exactly, it is a world of my own, and I also hope you can walk slowly and find a place area when you came to see this little blog.

Let’s fight for what we want and be better!

芜湖!这里是Kevin Chen。如你所见,这是我的blog,在我之后的网络时间中,我将在这里分享一些关于学习相关的总结和心路历程,也将会花更多的时间去仔细地提升和拓展这个博客。


  1. 一名在校的普通大学生
  2. 喜欢编程,折腾安卓手机,体验不同的生态
  3. 正在朝着计算机考研努力,爬到更高的水平